Vanderbilt University
Ph.D. in Pharmacology
Macalester College
B.A. in Psychology, with Honors
Westtown School
Postdoctoral Fellow
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Laboratory of Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD

  • Project lead for the development and execution of novel evaluation of the pervasive cerebral blood vessel pathology in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, a vascular amyloid pathology related to Alzheimer’s Disease, via CLARITY.

  • Awarded an individual T32 fellowship award following these efforts to establish human CLARITY-cleared tissue and analytics.

  • Project lead for establishing the biological function of a novel Alzheimer’s risk gene PLD3.

  • Model development for Alzheimer’s Disease to mediate screening gene-interference siRNA and small molecule therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease in novel organotypic brain tissue culturing, ex vivo drug treatment, and live imaging.

Graduate Student Research
Vanderbilt University

Laboratory of Randy Blakely, PhD

  • Project manager of industry/academia collaboration with Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals to investigate the serotonin specific actions of the [then] preclinical compound AA21004 (aka. Vortioxetine, Trintellix). We found that non-SERT actions of AA21004 were sufficient alone to produce acute and chronic antidepressant effects, representing a new strategy to pursue novel serotonin directed pharmacotherapies.

  • In vitro and in vivo experimental evaluations of discrete roles of serotonin in acute and chronic SSRI antidepressant drug efficacy.

  • Utilized a novel animal model with an impacted orthosteric drug recognition site at SERT (the designed target of SSRIs) to prove with the most targeted series of assays to date that SERT antagonism is required for the acute and chronic behavioral and biochemical antidepressant efficacy of SSRIs.

Brewery Intern
Tennessee Brew Works
  • Researched, developed, evaluated, and established an in-house cost saving standard operating procedure (SOP) and guidelines for the detection of aerobic and anaerobic beer-spoiling bacteria and evaluation of devices measuring dissolved gasses (oxygen ppm and ppb, and carbon dioxide ppm) in wort, beer, and bottled product.
Honors Research
Macalester College
  • Developed a novel rodent model of drug sensitive gambling paradigm.
Research Assistant
Macalester College

Laboratory of Eric Wiertelak, PhD

  • Developed a device design for novel rodent models for chronic pain, aiming to establish new pre-clinical standards for greater predictive framework for new drugs and treatments for human chronic pain.
Eagle Scout, recipient of bronze, gold, and silver palms
Best Poster Award, ASPET, Neuropharmacology Division
Awarded T32-AG058524 research training grant, Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer’s Center
Teaching Assistant, Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacology

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